Flirting Tips for Guys [VIDEO] with Seth Meyers & Keegan-Michael Key on 'Late Night'

Aug 20, 2015 11:43 AM EDT

Flirting Tips for Guys [VIDEO] with Seth Meyers & Keegan-Michael Key on 'Late Night'
(Photo : Screengrab, YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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Late Night with Seth Meyers just shared some amazing flirting tips for all of you guys out there that find themselves at the bar at 1AM in the morning and attempting to get a phone number or more. Thanks to special guest Keegan-Michael Key of Comedy Central's Key and Peele, these tips are even better than more you'll find in a Google search. Of course, we're kidding about these actually being tips, but this new segment sure is funny. Watch this hilarious viral video below and maybe you'll actually learn something about flirting from these married men!

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This segment, entitled "1 O'clock in the Morning," is basically just these two comedians sharing some of the worst pickup lines ever. Sure, they're more specific than any situation you could find yourself in, but you truly never know what you're going to say to someone at a bar in the early hours of the morning.

"Who better to take flirting advice from than two guys that are married and haven't done it in a while?" Meyers says to start off the segment.

The first pickup line comes from Seth, saying, "Hello, beautiful. Do you come here often, and if so, do you know where the toilets are?"

Key then talks about kissing, admitting that he doesn't really have a handle on the concept or a specific form, but he sure knows how to practice. He then makes out with the back of his hand.

The clip is full of hilarious pickup lines that are simply terrible, but it's really fun to see the comedians break character when they can't control their laughter.

Check out this funny viral video right here (via UPROXX / YouTube):

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