Katy Perry Brings Crazy Drugged Out Fan Onstage at 'Prismatic Tour' [Watch]

Sep 30, 2015 09:36 AM EDT

Katy Perry
Katy Perry (Photo : Mauricio Santana/Getty Images)

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The Prismatic World Tour might be the biggest party of the year, but one fan might have gotten a little too wild at Katy Perry's show on Monday, September 28 in South America. The concert tour, which has been burning up the night for almost two years, headed to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil earlier this week for the Rock in Rio Festival, and Katy might have been met with one of the rowdiest fans that she has encountered thus far on the tour. In fact, when she invited the girl to join her onstage, Perry even joked that the girl was "rolling" on drugs.

According to Us Weekly, when the "This is How We Do" singer called upon the fan, dressed in a happy face bikini and black shorts, to come on stage, she didn't know just what she was going to get. We are sure she didn't expect the concertgoer to wrap her arms around the superstar and hold her in a super tight embrace and refuse to let go.

In the video below, Katy even jokes that the girl was kissing her neck, as she pulls the superstar in even tighter.

"She's kissing my neck," the Pop princess exclaims according to E! News. The girl even accidentally, or maybe not so accidentally, grabbed Perry's breast while they stood addressing the crowd together.

Perry, like the comedienne that she is, poked fun at the whole encounter, even joking that the fan was rolling on drugs.

"I might need that water back. We need some water," the starlet kiddingly explained. "I think she's rolling."

However, Katy got through the extremely awkward exchanged and even took selfies with the fan, who was still holding onto Perry throughout her entire time onstage.

The star then sent the girl back into the audience, by telling her "Okay, okay, okay!"

Watch the very bizarre video above.


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