‘Fifty Shades of Black’ Star Marlon Wayans [INTERVIEW]: Wasn't Aroused by Christian Grey

By Kyle Dowling (kyle.dowling@mstarsnews.com) | Jan 26, 2016 12:00 PM EST
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Marlon Wayans is certainly no stranger to poking fun at some of Hollywood's most successful films around, which is why it wasn't too surprising to hear that the famed name was working on a Fifty Shades of Grey spoof, or "comedic retelling," as he calls it.

In the film, which will be released this coming Jan. 29, Wayans plays Christian Black, a character very similar to that from the famed E.L. James novels, but with one catch––he's terrible in bed. Which was apparently something that stemmed from Wayans finding himself without arousal in watching the original Fifty Shades film.

Therefore, what better way to respond to that than with a film of your own?

Wayans recently spoke with MStars News about Fifty Shades of Black and what it's like working on a film when you don't worry about the box office.

MStars News: How are you feeling about the release of Fifty Shades of Black?
Marlon Wayans: I feel good! You throw these marketing materials out there, and it's only a sample of what movie is. Normally it's your best stuff in the movie, but what I feel good about is that the stuff in the trailer is not the best stuff in the movie. I know when people go see the movie they'll see there's so much more.

The movie is funny; I think people are going to be surprised how fun it is. We couldn't put the best part in the trailers, even in the red band trailer. [laughs]

MS: What made you want to do a parody of Fifty Shades?
MW: I'd call it a comedic retelling. I think parody is a little more slapstick-y. This film is in the same tone and rhythm as Fifty Shades; we just took it further. In Fifty Shades, he's supposed to be a good lover, but when I saw it he was f*cking terrible in bed. I just made my character this hot, sexy guy who is really bad in bed.

He has all the tools to be great in bed, all the tools to intrigue a woman, but once he gets in the sack he's just awful.

MS: I'm assuming you saw the original movie?
MW: I did, over and over and over again. [laughs] I thought it looked beautiful. I thought it had a real cool tone to it, the romance between the two was interesting but I just found that I wasn't aroused. I was like- half the stuff he was doing I did in high school.

For me, all I saw was jokes. I feel like I saw a different movie than everybody else.

MS: The soundtrack was recently released, and it has some pretty great tracks.
MW: [They] kept feeding us great music and we were fortunate to have a pool of stuff to choose from. It makes the movie better. We wanted [the soundtrack] to be similar to Fifty Shades of Grey but we wanted it to be more urban and upbeat.

MS: You've got a knack for these comedic retellings. How do you find yourself getting ideas? Is it eyeing up pop culture?
MW: To be honest with you, it's just the way I see the world. I wish I could say I went looking for it and there was a process. Honestly, I don't go looking to do these movies; they come find me. When we do them, we do them well. That's what happened with this one.

MS: How was it working with the cast? It's a pretty great one.
MW: It was great! Everybody was so different, and their process was so different. I always challenge people to be creative and really bring their character and take them wherever they want to go and deem appropriate. For me, when we do a film, the script is only a blueprint. I want everyone's input, [so] I do one [take] written and one off-page.

The beautiful thing with doing these movies, I don't go into them thinking it's going to be a billion-dollar [success]. I always have fun every day.

The most important thing for me in a movie is doing the work. You do as much as you can; you have as much fun as you can. You can't control box office. All you can control is how much fun you had on that journey, how much you laughed with the people you love and all these people that work on the film. We have fun.

My movies, we don't do them for a lot of money. If you look at the credits, from who financed it to our DP to our director, it's been the same people because they enjoy the movies and know we're going to have fun. We're all family.

How does your tie hang? See #FiftyShadesOfBlack in theaters January 29. A photo posted by Fifty Shades Of Black Movie (@fiftyshadesofblackmovie) on Dec 18, 2015 at 12:25pm PST

Catch Fifty Shades of Black opening in theaters this Friday, Jan. 29.

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