Pokemon Sun and Moon News Update: This Is The Cosmog Strategy That Wins Over Legendary Pokemon

By Staff Writer | Jan 02, 2017 08:19 PM EST
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Just recently, Pokémon fans went thunderstruck when a legendary Pokemon team was wrecked by a Pokemon Sun and Moon player that used Cosmog in beating the said team. Nebby, the precious Cosmog that does not want to stay in Lillie's bag, was unpredictably and skillfully used by the Pokemon Sun and Moon player in winning over a very experienced team. For this reason, the little Cosmog becomes the Aether Foundation's target as it fantastically transforms into either a Lunala or Solgaleo. And what's even great in its transformation is that this Pokemon possesses unthinkable powers to defeat Ultra Beasts threats just in one go.

Cosmog, according to the Pokemon handbook, is among the weakest Pokemon creatures with limited powers, including Teleport and Splash, which do not really make a lot of during battles. Seeing this, a trainer does not allow Cosmog to sit on the bench with him as well as earn the needed XP from all the hard work of other Pokemon and the team.

However, a Pokemon Sun and Moon player had recently releases a video on Youtube that awestruck everyone when it completely defeated a legendary Pokemon team according to a report on Game Rant. PIMPNITE, a not so popular Pokemon trainer and Youtuber, changed the notion that Cosmog is feeble and insignificant.

The Key Pokemon Sun and Moon Cosmog Strategy

In order to defeat the Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast team, PIMPNITE used Cosmog, which was thought of as the weakest Pokemon. However, this was accomplished with the aid of its teammates. The teammates, of course, performed the powerful lifting using double set of Toxic Spikes, which obviously poisons the opposing team as cited on Mobile and Apps. As they did this maneuver, defense buffs as well as healing moves were essentially layered time and time again.

PIMPNITE, in the long run, employed a Baton Pass to summon Cosmog out of his bag and appear in the battlefield. Consequently, the opponents was wrecked, poisoned and then inevitably surrendered. For Pokemon Sun and Moon fans, PIMPNITE Pokemon choice could also mean that what took place was a mere staged battle considering that there is not really a Cosmog sweep for a semi-competitive team. Nevertheless, this victory is truly amazing to watch as Cosmog rose to power from being an overlooked Pokemon.

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