'Dragon Ball Super' On Goku's Evil Image, Tournament Of Power To Awaken Goku's Evil Self

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Mar 16, 2017 02:51 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" is the era in the Dragon Ball series where things are more consistent and does have little loopholes. Most of the characters appearing in this series are still OP, but fights are not only limited to punching, kicking, ki blasting, and never-ending transformations Though Goku might not be the same case here.

If there is someone who does have a lot of transformation in the show, that would be Goku. His Saiyan power has been on the use frequently in recent times. And in the upcoming Tournament of Power Arc, he will use more of his Saiyan Power. "Dragon Ball Super" is exploring the side of Kakarot and his trait as a pure-blood Saiyan. Saiyan Blood is believed to be the reason why Goku has this immense battle thirst.

Saiyans are fighter race and is expected to love brawls. According to Dragon Ball Wiki, being a fighter race makes Saiyans prideful, naturally aggressive and hands down dangerous. All of the Saiyans that are raised in Planet Vegeta seems to possess these traits.

And sometimes, Goku manifests these traits as well. And it is not only in "Dragon Ball Super" did Goku appeared to be putting his love on fighting than anything else.

An example is can be thought of even before "Dragon Ball Super" era. Many lives have been lost because on the Android Saga because of Android attacks. There is a simple solution in the first place, to destroy Dr. Gero's lab before he could create Cell.

But Goku insisted that he will wait for three years because he wants to see how powerful those androids could be. However, according to Comic Book, Goku turning into a full-blown villain has a little chance.

If "Dragon Ball Super" will turn Goku into a villain, it will surely affect the franchise big time. One of the greatest foundation of the franchise is Goku being a hero that everyone loves.

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