Lee David Clayworth, Lee Ching Yan [PHOTOS]: Former Canadian Teacher Cyber-Stalked & Harassed By Ex-Girlfriend, Can't Get Job Due to Leaked Photos

By Jon Niles, Mstarz reporter | May 09, 2013 09:38 AM EDT
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Lee David Clayworth, a 35-year-old Canadian teacher, claims that his ex-girlfriend Lee Ching Yan has been ruthlessly cyber-stalking and harassing him after she stole his laptop. The two dated for several months in 2010 when Clayworth was working in Malaysia, but after they broke up he says she broke into his apartment, stole his computer, and started posting nude and personal photos online in an attempt to tarnish his name. As a result, Clayworth cannot get a job and he believes that his Internet identity has been compromised.

Clayworth says that he has been applying for jobs since January but has not heard anything positive in response to the applications. He is convinced that it is due to Lee Ching Yan.

At first, the naked photos were uploaded to cheater websites, claiming that Clayworth had STDs and was a pedophile. But considering the Internet is what it is, the photos circulated and come up when you search Clayworth's name. Despite the fact that Clayworth won a defamation case against his ex-girlfriend, there are still photos on the Internet of him with the words "pedophile" and "child lover" on them.

"I did a Google search of my name and I saw profiles listed saying I am a psychopath, I am a child molester, a pedophile, I am involved with my students and so on," he said.

Yan also allegedly hacked into Clayworth's email account and, while posing as him, sent messages to his contacts 'revealing' how he had sexual relations with underage students, There were even similar instances on his social media accounts as well.

For now Clayworth said he can merely continue to contact websites, search for jobs with good references from previous posts - and warn students against the memory of the internet.

'Everything that was digital and saved in my life - whether it was in the hard drive or laptop - is just at the disposal of this woman,' said Clayworth. 'It will never stop... it will go on and on.'

You can check out some examples of the inappropriate photos of Lee by clicking HERE, HERE, and HERE (or you could just do a Google image search for Clayworth's name).

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