‘One Piece’ Chapter 860 Big Mom Assassination May Fail; Luffy Not Good In Planning

By BLindon | Mar 27, 2017 07:16 AM EDT
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"One Piece" Chapter 860 is expected to be the end for Big Mom. It has been revealed in Chapter 859 that the Straw Hats Pirates and Capone have been plotting serious assassination for Big Mom using a special weapon. However, Brulee's loyalty to her mother may be the reason for their plot to fail.

In "One Piece" Chapter 859, Capone has confirmed that their plan is ready. On the other hand, Sanji contemplates whether or not his plan will work. Moreover, the Straw Hats Pirates believes that Big Mom is similar to a large "Iron balloon" that cannot easily be hurt or killed.

In addition, "One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers titled "Tea Party From Hell" unveil that Luffy and Capone's plan may not succeed because of Brulee. A fan on Reddit pointed out that Brulee may let Big Mom know about the plot. Apparently, if Brulee is able to reach Charlotte Linlin before Luffy and his gang is able to put their plot into action, then the gang's careful planning may be put to waste.

In the meantime, "One Piece" Chapter 860's Big Mom remains unaware of the fact that the people responsible for the security of the big event are already plotting to kill her, MobiPicker reported. In addition, Monster Gun has addressed his concern about the five-second window of opportunity noting that Charlotte Linlin ministers react too quickly.

Capone noted that if ministers are alerted before Big Mom's assassination, then there may be an all-out war in "One Piece" Chapter 860. Apparently, Luffy is also not too good with following plans, so it is expected that Bege and others have a backup plan, in case the unexpected happens.

Previously, "One Piece" Episode 780 unveiled what the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy will do to satisfy their hunger. It should be noted that Luffy does not know anything about cooking which may bring his crew's lives in jeopardy. Nami had offered to cook for them but was asking for a big fee, Blasting News reported.

"One Piece" Episode 780 spoilers initially revealed that as the captain, Luffy will volunteer to do the job but will leave the stove in the kitchen on causing an explosion that will leave them with an indigestible curry to eat. Hence, the gang will sneak inside an isolate marine base for their food supply until three marine rookies--Grant, Bonam, and Zappa confront them as the marines would not give up their food without a fight. Check out more about the plot to kill Big Mom in the video below:


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