'Fairy Tail' Chapter 529: Mysterious Girl Identity Theory, Presumed The Queen Of All Dragons

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Mar 31, 2017 06:14 PM EDT
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"Fairy Tail" chapter 529 is the most anticipated chapter for most of the Fairy Tail fans out there right now. The last chapter left a very strong impression about Acnologia. The earlier part tells the story of Acnologia meeting Erza, Wendy and Jellal. When things are getting very bad, people from Pegasus arrived with Christina. Now, the preview of the lady from the last page captures the interests of many readers.

"Fairy Tail" chapter 528 starts on Acnologia stomping on Irene's dead body. Erza tried to stop him by telling him to stop disrespecting the dead. Wendy sensed that he was Acnologia, the latter then launched an attack when he sensed that Wendy is a dragonslayer. Jellal appeared and blocked the attack, he then launches attacks to Acnologia in which the dragon ate. Acnologia assumed his Dragon Form and a difficult battle is about to commence when Ichiyama from Pegasus somehow saved the day. As the Fairy Tail mages are planning on how to defeat the black dragon, a lady that is yet to be named appeared and this lady is expected to be named in "Fairy Tail" chapter 529.

Folks from YonkouProductions Blog are disappointed on how "Fairy Tail" chapter 529 turns out. User Zzeroo Requiem stated that he really thought the Demon Dragon that was being referred to is E.N.D. It is also revealed in this chapter that Acnologia is immune to magic and the only attack that caused him lasting damage was Igneel's physical attack.

According to Droid Report, the girl must be Anna Heartfilla, Lucy's mother. It might also be another future Lucy from another future timeline. The possibility that the mystery lady is a Heartfilia is high. The "key" seem to give a clue that is will be a Heartfilia. But it could mean about the "Key" to defeat Acnologia. The truth about this mystery lady is likely to be revealed in "Fairy Tail" chapter 529.


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