‘13 Reasons Why’ Ending Explained: Alex Committed Suicide Vs Tyler Shot Alex

By Pritha Paul | Apr 21, 2017 11:55 AM EDT
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"13 Reasons Why" ended on a cliffhanger that came out of the blue, giving rise to more questions than answers. While half of the fans are leaning towards the theory that Tyler might have shot Alex, the other half are choosing to stick to the theory that he chose to commit suicide.

The ending of "13 Reasons Why" stunned the audience when Alex was rushed to the hospital with a fatal gunshot wound on his head that is said to self-inflicted. There is no way of finding out if Alex will survive the injury or whether he actually tried to end his own life, till the next season commences.

One of the popular theories regarding the ending of "13 Reasons Why" was that Alex's injury was made to look like a suicide attempt and it was actually Tyler who shot him. Some of the scenes that led many fans to form this conclusion were Tyler hanging up photos of the students he had a grudge against and loading weapons onto his truck.

However, Tyler also takes down the poster of Alex when he recalls that the latter had shown kindness towards him. This gives off the impression that Alex might not have been in Tyler's hit list after all.

When the "Tyler is the murderer" theory was posed in front of Devin Druid, the actor who plays Tyler in "13 Reason Why" he pointed out its bizarreness without giving too much away. "People immediately started jumping on that theory, and it's so interesting because I never thought about that...  I love Miles [Heizer, who plays Alex], I'd hate to be the guy who shot him!" Druid told Refinery29.

This leaves with the alternative theory that Alex has indeed committed suicide. One of the scenes that back up this theory is the fact that Alex cleans up his room before shooting himself on "13 Reasons Why" episode 13. This is reminiscent of what Hannah had done before he ended her own life, Buzzfeed reports. 

Did Alex commit suicide or was murdered by Tyler on "13 Reasons Why"? Leave your comments below.

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