Regulate Food Intake By Avoiding These Top Addictive Foods

By Emily Joy Custodio | Oct 05, 2017 08:35 AM EDT
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Ever think of why food is essential to the health of a person, but why are there some that are just not right to eat? Everything in excess is bad and thus eating a lot of these foods, way beyond its normal serving and moderation will result to high cholesterol, high sugar content in the blood and high in sodium. These high values in the laboratory results of a person will most likely lead to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and worst, heart attack; then there is this thing called addictive foods that has contents of too much sugar or salt, which can attract the taste buds and increases the cravings for more.

In a report from Glenwood Springs Post Independent, there was a study that big foods or oversized orders are unhealthy, and the result is not only a risk factor for a disease but also it can be detrimental to one's life. Overweight or obesity has been an issue for this generation, as more children of this age and time suffer a lot than when their parents were young. It seems that the quality of food has decreased, add it up to the lifestyle of teenagers and young adults nowadays, who tend to focus more on gadgets and easy to cook meals.

Unhealthy and addictive which dated back decades ago was categorized as using tobacco, drug substance or too much intake of alcohol, but now, food companies make people addicted to salt, sugar, and fat. These are the main contents of these five foods as they were plainly explained and which is normally seen in a supermarket; thus better avoid these or better yet, regulate the intake of these foods. Because an addiction to sugar can still be attributed to substance abuse, because of its effect on dopamine release, and this is actually scientifically proven.

There are five addictive foods and might be relatively the same with other foods that contain the same and more of its ingredients. One is Red candy fish, as the name implies, it's sweet, thus as previously mentioned and emphasized by Today's article, and too much intake of sugar on a daily basis will encourage the brain to ask for more. It is advised to take a high-protein breakfast instead of eggs and cottage cheese and bacon to combat that addictive candy rush.

Second is cookies, yes it is the most incomprehensible but eating it while watching TV will make this addiction unaware of how one pack was finished in just one sitting. Still, cookies are a combination of fats and sugar which are considered as highly processed foods. Instead of cookies, consider nutrient-dense foods like potatoes and blueberries which is equally sweet but low in fat and sugar, and it has antioxidant properties as well.

The third is pepperoni pizza plus chips, and it is more addictive because of its high salt content that stimulates opiate and dopamine receptors in the brain, being happier and also craving for more of these foods. What's more, salt stimulates the appetite, therefore, instead of topping it with processed salami, go for vegetables paired with a vegetable salad. Fourth is the same culprit for sugar and salt content, Salted caramel ice cream which habituates the body to too much of salt and sugar, instead go for low sugar smoothie which can still satisfy the sweet tooth.

Lastly will be the sweet potato fries, which is done at the favorite diner. The tip, homemade is better and cozier without the unhealthy oils of frying it and the salty sauce dip. Choose to be healthy and regulate everything for a longer life and well-being.

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