Best Way to Stop Late Night Snacking & Binge-Eating? Grab That Sexy Bathing Suit Body with This Tip!

By Kyle Dowling ( | Jun 01, 2015 02:16 PM EDT
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Late night snacking and binge-eating are, sadly, unhealthy. On the flipside, they're also addicting and awesome – but alas, unhealthy first. Therefore, perhaps it's best we stop doing it... somehow. You know, just in case we decide to get that sexy bathing suit body everyone is always talking about.

Either way, don't worry, because we've got the best way ­– or at least one way – to stop your late night snack binge habit.

First, let's address why we have the crave to eat late at night. Per a report from Men's Health, "In the morning, you're driven to eat because you need energy for your day. At night, your body is shutting down, so it makes sense that food wouldn't be as rewarding."

But ... it is.

Why? Well, because your brain doesn't get the same satisfaction from food, "you end up needing to eat more of it," in order to satiate that desire, the publication reports.

So, the best way to stop that late night craving? Men's Health claims that a study suggests moving those foods out of sight. If there's a cookie jar on the counter, you're more than likely to go for it.

Of course, if you have a cookie jar, you might be living in the 1950s.

Jokes aside, the idea is to keep foods away from your point of view by hiding them behind cabinet doors, in the refrigerator, etc. Sure, who knows if that'll actually help but it's worth a try.

Or, if you like, there's always the option to try and eat healthy late night snacks.

We know – potato chips and popcorn sound SO much better.

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