Pokémon Sun and Moon: An Unexpected Challenger

By Staff Writer | Dec 03, 2016 05:18 AM EST
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Experienced Pokémon players would be familiar with challenging the region's Elite Four and champion again after winning against them for the first time. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, it introduces a unique mechanic that brings a surprising player to the Elite Four: Youngster Tristan!

Early on the game, players of "Sun and Moon" will be told that the Alola region is yet to have its own Pokémon League. The player also gets introduced to Youngster Tristan near the beginning of the game, who is shown asking Professor Kukui on what move he should use.

After facing all the Trial challenges, the Pokémon League will ready for the player to face. And once the player emerges victorious against the Elite Four and Professor Kukui, according to Jobs n Hire, the player becomes the first Alola Champion. The player may choose to go against the Elite Four once again in the rematch, and will be facing a random challenger at the end.

As far as the challenger goes, Professor Kukui, the resident Professor of the Sun and Moon games, as well as the player's rival Hau and Chief Faba of the Aether Foundation are expected matches. Facing "Youngster" Tristan, the same one the player met on Route one, packed with a set of level 59 Pokemon, including an Alolan Exeggutor and a Tauros, is something unexpected.  

Long time players of the Game Freak franchise know that the "Youngster" trainer class, as Kotaku points out, usually has weak Pokémon with them. They serve as a reminder that becoming a Pokémon trainer is not limited by age. Seeing a "Youngster" trainer class challenging the Alola champ brings an interesting dimension at the trainer class and to the player. It tells the player, in a way, that even youngsters can end up as champions in Alola.

The current iteration of the Pokémon League continues the tradition set by Sun and Moon. Unlike the previous generations, wherein the player faces the Elite Four in a specific order, the player can now choose the order of the matches. 

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