‘Dragon Ball Super’ May See Broly’s Transformation As Super Saiyan Blue In Next Saga

By Guneet Bhatia | Jan 26, 2017 09:38 PM EST
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Dragon Ball Super's new saga may feature Broly once again, but this time in a whole new transformed avatar. According to new reports, Broly my have a powerful transformation in the next saga and may be introduced as Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Super's Broly is loved by everyone. His immense power and contempt and madness and power has made him achieve this status and attain the position of the most looked after and powerful character in the Japanese series.

Recently, Shonen Jump magazine speculated how it may be possible for Broly to attain either of the two super and powerful transformations in the upcoming Dragon Ball saga. It could be either Broly Super Saiyan Red or Super Saiyan Blue God.

Even though Broly is a powerful character already, it is a known fact that every power has its own limitations. But in case of Saiyans, their body is able to face and overcome limitations and as a result, it is rare and hared to face any kind of limitations.

Because of the same reason, it is being speculated that the super character may return to the popular and successful Japanese series, and that too in a new avatar. In the Dragon Ball Super new saga, Broly may appear very differently than what he has been so far.

Coming back to the two transformations, Broly may appear as either Broly Super Saiyan Red or Super Saiyan Blue God. The first one is a rare possibility because it can only happen to a person who has a pure heart and someone who is supported by all the five Saiyans, who provide all their energy to him.

Thus, Broly can never has this transformation as he does not have a pure heart. The other transformation is Super Saiyan Blue God, which is more of a state. In this state, the Saiyam adapts and embraces the power of the God. Only a great warrior is able to attain this state, since the body and soul should be at peace to adapt the power like that of the God.

Meanwhile, a female version of Broly is believed to have appeared on the show recently, according to ComicBook.

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