"One Piece" Chapter 860 Spoilers:Sanji & Pudding's Wedding; Assassination Against Big Mom

By rloutomikz (rachellou.sarona@gmail.com) | Mar 27, 2017 07:03 AM EDT
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"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers point to Sanji and Lady Pudding's wedding while Luffy ad Capone Bege's assassination plan against Big Mom would succeed. However, the assassination might fail because of Brulee's loyalty to her mother.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers as said to be the "Tea Party from Hell," reveals that the tea party awaits a big plot assassination against Big Mom. The guests start to arrive at the tea party while Big Mom is busy tending to the party unknowingly that the people behind the plot against her are also responsible for the security of the big event.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Capone Bege plans to crash the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding through Bege's fire tank pirate. "One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers suggest that Bege is going to use the deadly poison gas bullet, the KX Launcher as known to be developed by Ceasar Clown.

Now, according to some reports on "One Piece" Chapter 860 spoilers that Ceasar is Bege's secret weapon. The KX Launcher that Bege is going to use has a bullet that injects 5 grams of toxic organophosphate directly into the body. In addition, with the use of the KX weapon, the plot could help them succeed in just five minutes.

On the other hand, Luffy and his Straw Hat pirates will also take part of the planning where they would interrupt the wedding ceremony through Mother Caramel's image. According to "One Piece" chapter 860 spoilers, the image will be used against Big Mom because when Big Mom saw that image before, Bege had witnessed when the leader got injured, shared Travelers Today.

On the contrary, a certain fan mentioned in Reddit about the "One Piece" chapter 860 spoilers that it could be possible that something might go wrong during the assassination. Aside from Brulee's loyalty to her mother, she might tell Big Mom about the assassination.

However, if Brulee reaches out to Charlotte Linlin before Luffy and his gang execute the mission, then the plan is possible to fail. Additionally, Luffy is not really good with following the plans. "One Piece" chapter 860 spoilers predicts that they might not be able to execute the assassination as planned, however, his Straw Hat pirates are expected to come up with another solution.

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