Healthy Snacks With Evening Tea Provide More Nutrition

By partha das | Sep 12, 2017 06:08 AM EDT
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Evening tea with some snacks is perfect to suffice the evening hunger. The important fact is healthy snacks are, no doubt, preferable as they provide nutrition.

One common fact is a good number of people prefer tea in the evening for refreshment and to rescue from the hunger. The evening is the key time between dinner and lunch when most people hungry, and for them, tea break is most preferable. There is a series of snacks that can serve as the best companion with evening tea. But people should be very conscious before choosing the best healthy snacks.

Some common fried snacks can hamper the weight loss strategy and bring bad impacts on the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A nutritionist in Bangalore, India, Dr. Anju Sood, opines significantly about healthy snacks at tea time. According to the nutritionist, the tea time snacks should be high in fiber, as it could prevent the abnormal sugar spikes. She also refers to the protein quotient.

Protein digests slowly and keeps the satiety levels, no doubt, high. Popular Macrobiotic nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, have pointed out five healthy snacks, according to NDTV. These snacks can be preferable for the tea time in the evening.

Pumpkin seeds contain minerals, vitamins, and vital antioxidants. During the tea time in the evening, it could be one of the essential healthy snacks. Users can have the pumpkin seeds boiled or roasted. These seeds can be seasoned with little curry powder, and the addition of clove or cinnamon could make them tasty.

According to Medline Plus, antioxidants are the man -made or the natural substances that can prevent some kinds of cell damages. Various fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. People can even avail the antioxidants as dietary supplements. Now, various healthy snacks also contain the antioxidants.

Fresh sprouts provide a great option for the healthy snacks. Soaking chickpeas, legumes, and moong dal truly emerge as healthy sprouts. Users can try them either with chopped tomatoes and cucumber or taste them alone seasoning with pepper and salt. Almost everyone is familiar with the peanut kernels that harbor a good amount of dietary protein, and they could be listed as healthy snacks.

Peanut kernels contain good quality fat and fiber and also filled with proteins and vitamins. They can be amazing snacks at the evening tea time. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, prunes, cashews, and dates are filled with various antioxidants. These healthy snacks are rich in fibers and simultaneously play significantly in losing weight.

The said nuts are good for the heart as they contain unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats are very helpful to decrease the arteries' inflammation. As healthy snacks, these nuts raise the good cholesterol. People can enjoy the evening tea with another good snack that is the apple sticks.

To prepare the apple sticks one has to wash and dry fresh firm apples. After removing the stem users should skewer the apples in the craft sticks. Next, users should keep the fruits in the freezer, and warm caramel needs to be prepared. To make them healthy snacks, users should dip the apples into the prepared warm caramel.

Now, users should put the apples on the waxed paper to let them cool. The preparation is complete, and apple sticks are ready for healthy snacks. All the said healthy snacks suffice the evening hunger and simultaneously play a significant role to provide nutrition.

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