Goldberg says Stone Cold Steve Austin Didn't Really Drink all Those Beers

By Devon Newport ( | Nov 14, 2015 07:14 PM EST
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Bill Goldberg recently called out fellow WWE star, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, for not drinking the beer that he brought into the ring with him--specifically citing their 2003 "Beer Bash" (where Austin reportedly downed 13 cold ones) as prime time beer faking.

According to TMZ, Goldberg said that Austin wouldn't actually consume the brews. Although, of course, he would.

This is a big deal. To put it in to perspective, it's probably comparable to the discovery of pie (the food or the numbers). In every sport, there's the legend of someone or something. In baseball, it's Babe Ruth smashing home runs. In basketball, it's MJ dunking form the free throw line. And in professional wrestling, it's Stone Cold slamming brews.

Watch Stone Cold kickin' back some cold ones:

While it's fair to say not all of the beer from the can was consumed (who likes the backwashed laden final bit anyway?), it's hard to say the man wasn't gulping down as much as he could. He is in the middle of competition, after all. Have you ever seen a marathon runner drink their entire cup of water while in a race? Didn't think so.

Let's see what Stone Cold thinks of all this.

"Yeah, he's full of sh*t," said Stone Cold, in regards to Goldberg's remarks. "About 50 percent of it went in, 50 percent of it went on. That's the showbiz part of it. There have been many times when I left the ring and had a pretty good buzz. And if you go back and see Bill again, ask him, Bill is not a drinker. And so I got him drunk in the ring a few times."

The beer drink and smash is quintessential Stone Cold. Discrediting him of this would be to discredit everything his wrestling character stands for. So you can see why calling him out for not drinking the beer is something of a touchy subject.


And while it's all a little "he said, she said," it's almost certainly fair to say (after countless hours of painstaking research), Stone Cold did not NOT drink the beer. There's just not enough evidence to back Goldberg's claims (sorry, Bill). So rest easy wrestling fans. The legend is here to stay.

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