'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 82-85 Spoilers,Why U7 Rep All From Earth & Zeno-Zamasu Theory

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Mar 18, 2017 10:39 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is coming and Goku is busy getting powerful guys to fight for Universe 7. With Zeno-Sama being the host of the tournament, there is a fair amount of attention that is on him in this Arc. Is it possible that there's an evil Omni-King? Why is it that Universe 7 is only represented by Planet Earth?

Saiyan Island's list of episodes is featured here. Episode 82 will highlight the sudden but swift brawl of Toppo and Goku. It is their first opportunity to test each other's powers. Episode 83 will decide the top ten most powerful warrior in Universe 7 to fight in the Tournament of Power. On episode 84, Goku will be seen scouting Kuririn and Android 18. Episode 85 will see the return of Android 17. Surprisingly, Android 17 has been busy all these years being a park ranger.

It is very unusual that a universe-wide crisis would only be represented by one planet: Earth. Sure there are guys from other planets as powerful as Frieza, and Vegeta is from a planet just planets away from Frieza's. And there are other powerful races other than Saiyans and Namekians. Some fans believe that it is because of Goku's limited time to find potential participants so he just chose the strongest fighters on Earth. But others thought that creators don't have time to create new characters. Or it is just another way to move the spotlight to older characters.

And as for Zeno-Sama, it is possible that there is an evil Zeno-Sama on the pair of Zeno-Samas. It is possible that the future Zeno-Sama, who destroyed Zamasu, is the evil one. According to Otakukart, it could be that Zamasu merged into Zeno-Sama when he is being destroyed to preserve himself. It is also presumed that the reason why there is only one Grand Priest is because the future-Grand Priest sacrificed himself to stop Zeno-Zamasu. This is but a theory, but an interesting one that is.

There are more to come for this Arc. Whether there will be Universes that will be destroyed, it will be revealed on the next "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Tune it for more updates.

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