‘X-Men’ Movies: Four X-Men Teams That Need Their Own Movie

By Ava Davis | Mar 29, 2017 04:29 PM EDT
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In some aspects, a large part of the "X-Men" movie franchise has come to an end. For one, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have both announced their retirement from playing Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier in the movies. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that it's the end of the mutant universe, it certainly does close a particular chapter in the movie franchise. But aside from doing the usual reboots, X-Men appears to be exploring more of the untapped stories from the comics to come out with more stories outside the core "X-Men" team.

According to Comicbook, "X-Men" movies producer Simon Kinberg revealed that 20th Century Fox is digging the X-Men's comic book history for ideas on spinoffs. So far, the studio successfully delivered "Deadpool" and plans to make an "X-Force" and "New Mutants" movies are underway.

However, there are still more X-Men teams in the comic catalog that deserves a big screen debut. Here's a list of X-Men teams that could star in their own spinoff movies.


There have been various versions of X-Factor in the "X-Men" comics. One of these versions is the team led by Forge, an inventor who has the power to control technology. He leads a government-backed team tasked to deal with mutant issues. In some ways, they are considerably the mutant version of Suicide Squad as the team includes mutant villains such as Mystique.


Throughout the history of "X-Men" movies, viewers have seen mutants hiding and masking their abilities to avoid getting taken by the government or receiving criticism from non-mutants. The X-Statix, on the contrary, was formed to become media superstars. In the comics, all of the members ended up dying so it's easy to wrap up this spinoff without affecting the rest of the "X-Men" films.

New Excalibur

This team is basically the British counterpart of the X-Men. One of its more well-known members are Psylocke and Juggernaut, both of whom have appeared in previous "X-Men" movies.

Mr. Sinister and the Maurauders

Bring Mr. Sinister and his followers to the big screen would be an interesting move to make, especially since there has been no superhero movie with a villain as the lead character. In Mr. Sinister and the Marauders, the mutant doctor forms a team of young mutants which he uses in his experiments to create a super mutant. According to Dark Horizons, it is rumored that Mr. Sinister will be involved in future "X-Men" movies.

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