‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Reveals She Hates Disney’s ‘Frozen’

By Johnni Macke (johnni.macke@mstarsnews.com) | Sep 17, 2014 03:10 PM EDT
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Mayim Bialik isn't a stranger to voicing her opinion, having just written a blog post against sexy billboard ads (Ariana Grande's ad in particular), but now she's revealing that she hates Frozen. Yes, The Big Bang Theory star doesn't like Disney's hit animated film Frozen.

In a blog post on Kveller (a Jewish parent website) Mayim addressed another topic she isn't a fan of... Frozen. Her reasoning is three-fold in a post titled, "Why My Sons and I Hate the Movie Frozen."

"I know everybody loved Frozen and that I am going to get so much hate for this. But I'm just keeping it real, yo. Or trying," the mother-of-two explained.

"I should note that I don't care for musicals really at all, so that was one strike against this movie in the first place, but I will leave the explanation of my disdain for musicals for another post," she said.

So what are the three main reasons why Mayim isn't a fan of the ultra positive film Frozen? First, the plot and its view on feminism, second the amount of male bashing and third seeing women as dolls.

"The sister's desire to marry this guy she just met, and the other sister getting mad at her - we still have a plot about the identification of a woman being based on her desire and search to meet a man ... I've had just enough already with this finding a man business in most every kids' movie," the 38-year-old actress said about the issue of feminism.

The idea of a woman needing a man (in the case of Anna wanting to marry Hans the moment she meets him) isn't the only issue she has with the male-female dynamic. The fact that Hans becomes an evil, twisted character irks the Blossom star.

"What happens in Frozen? The Prince/hero turns out to be a scheming villain," she wrote. "He pretended to love her and then he double crosses her and she gets the lesson taught to her not to trust those nasty scheming conniving men. Because you know, men can't be trusted? Meh."

Yes, Hans is evil, but Kristoff isn't and that proves that not all men are bad, but we see what Mayim is talking about. Mayim's biggest problem however, with the enchanting film, is how the characters are drawn. The fact that they look like dolls doesn't sit well with her.

"My biggest problem with this movie was the way the female characters are drawn and animated. The male characters look like cartoon men. They have some exaggerated features, sure. But by and large, they look like they have the proportions of human beings," she explained.

"Not so with our lead ladies. They have ginormous eyes. Like really ridiculously big. Teeny-tiny ski slope noses ... Barbie doll proportions of their bodies in general: tiny waists, ample busts, and huge heads. They look like dolls. They don't look like the same species as the male characters even! What's up with that?!" she added.

It is clear that Mayim isn't a fan of the widely popular animated film, but Disney clearly loves the hit movie. In addition to Frozen's new park exhibit at Disney World, Disney is bringing the adorable characters to their Christmas parade. 

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