Pokemon Sun and Moon Latest News and Update: Magikarp Beats Them All!

By Anna Gean | Dec 01, 2016 10:57 PM EST
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Players can easily name the worthless, weak, and worst creatures in Pokemon Sun and Moon game and unfortunately Magikarp is one of the top choices. But hey, a Japanese player just beat the old circle, using his strategy wisely, he managed to beat the game with the use of Magikarp! Yes, he just beat the enemy by using just one Pokemon! Players of the game were shocked as he made it to the hall of fame.

Magikarp has been described as "pathetic," "virtually useless," and "horribly weak" in-game encyclopedias. Just a hapless fish creature and has widely known as the "worst" monster created ever in the game series as it has awful stats. Aside from the qualities mentioned above, Magikarp has only three attacks and one of them just literally does nothing. Magikarp's attack was one of the weakest and the only saving point of this creature is when it will evolve into a Gyarados.

Nanako, a Japanese player who completely breaks the chain off as he made his Magikarp in the hall of fame. A great question would be, "How did he do it?" the answer - is they used the exploit. According to Inquisitr, Magikarp was level 70 but wasn't evolve into Gyarados, thanks to an item called Everstone which keeps a monster from evolving. According to Nanako he had to use the "struggle" move to overpower Magikarp's weakness to the Ghost-type Pokemon.

A Pokemon only struggles if it's out of PP (power point) but the move is still capable of dealing damage to any opponent, whatever the type is. Nanako intentionally lets Magikarp run out of PP and was able to defeat the opponent that the creature has never been able to take down, Forbes has reported.  

It was never an easy task to let the Pokemon win especially a Magikarp as it will require a great deal of effort to but it is maybe what it takes to called Pokemon master. Fans of the game can avail the Pokemon Moon - Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X at Amazon. 

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