Pokemon Go News: Datamined Codes From The Latest APK Revealed

By Binta Abubakar | Jan 31, 2017 12:20 AM EST
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Niantic recently released a new Pokemon GO update midway into January 2017.  However, the release of new patches comes with new codes, but they are not yet available to users. Some highly dedicated gamers have mined and reveal some new content which they believe would possibly become available to fans this year.

It is reported that The Silph Road dataminers mined from the version 0.53.1 Pokemon GO update which reveals that the developer has a lot to offer to fans at the beginning of this year, as New Poke-moves, forms and other interesting information were found in the game's files.

Unfortunately, there is still no update on the much expected Pokemon trading, but fans are looking forward to new Pokemon moves that will be added to the new updates as it will be the first time the game will add new moves since its debut on both Android and iOS devices.

The new moves can be categorized into two sets, namely the "new quick move" that will include Counter, Iron tail, Charge, Fire Spin, and Beam among others. The second set of moves known as the "new charge move" comprise of Close, Night, Beam, Blast, Zap, Wild, and Punch, just to name a few.

Itechpost reports that there will be a total of 38 new moves that Pokemons can learn and also graphic features to make each of the moves more personalized. It is possible that all these moves will be available for fans once the new Gen 2 Pokemon is launched.

Previous reports on the APK codes are said to be in line with the recently discovered information. The discovery in the latest APK file revealed more codes on the Shiny Pokemon as well as codes which tackle Pokemon gender.

There are other codes which tease that the game would soon feature sporting evolution items. These updates would likely be the most important items needed for a Pokemon to evolve, if the game stays true to the original Pokemon history.

Codes like Sun Stone, Metal Coat, Kings Rock, Dragon Scale and Upgrade means item-based evolutions will be released for the game very soon. Fans look forward to these codes even though there are no graphic details to complement them. However, these are just some possible changes that could occur in the near future for Pokemon GO.

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